Friday, November 28, 2008

Big Sister Love

Lexi just adores her little brother. Every chance she gets;
she wants to old him, feed him, or just kiss him.
She is a great BIG sister!!
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Hold the plug in there!!

Kisses for my bro!!

Thanksgiving Day with the Fam

This year we have so many things to be Thankful for...first we have our handsome son, who was born 9 weeks ago, and he's getting so big. Secondly our beautiful daughter, Alexis is getting so big and learning something new everyday. Lastly just to be together as a family on Thanksgiving Day!! We ate lots of yummy food, and we laughed together....what a perfect Thanksgiving Day with the family!! Gobble Gobble!!

We hope all our friends and family also had a beautiful Thanksgiving Day.

God Bless you all!! Love you guys!!

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Lexi put my socks on her hands on the drive home!! Silly girl!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kaia and Lexi together

Yesterday we drove to Justin and Nichole's home to have the girls play. They had a blast, except for when Lexi came down with a 103 temperature.

Kaia giving Gavin a kiss!!

Mooney with a 103 degree temperature...poor thing!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Karen and Eric's Wedding Day

We were blessed to be apart of Karen and Eric's Wedding Day!! It was a wonderful day and Karen looked absolutely beautiful as always!! We are so glad we could be there for you both!! We love you guys!!
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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat with Lexi

Halloween night Cheryl and Tom went trick or treating with us. Lexi LOVED it, and we ended up going through half our neighborhood. She thought it was great that she only had to say "trick or treat" and she got candy!! She couldn't get enough!! Click on the video to see her in action!!!
Scroll to the bottom to turn off the music to hear the video clip!!