Saturday, October 29, 2011

Annual Del Oso Pumpkin Farm Trip

After Lexi's field trip we drove to Lathrop for our family pumpkin day at Del Oso. We were running behind so we only let the kids shoot a few pumpkins from the air cannons. That by far is all of our favorite thing to do there. After we were done with the pumpkin throwing we took off to Kelli and Steve's home where we ate dinner and carved all our pumpkins. This year the kitty cat was a favorite along with Hello Kitty. Thanks guys for a great day with the family!!

Lexi's field trip to Bishop's Pumpkin Farm

On Friday Alexis's class also took a field trip to Bishop's Pumpkin Farm, but these kindergartners took a bus. This was Lexi's first school bus rider ever and she LOVED it!! It's all she talked about all day!! Here are few shots from that day.

Bishop's Pumpkin Farm with Mrs. Deanna's Class

On Thursday Gavin's class took a field trip the Bishop's Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland. When we first arrived Gavin was following a little girl named Abbey everywhere, but as soon as he saw Omily he was hooked. He and Omily did everything together. They held hands everywhere they went and sat next to each other as often as they could. So adorable!! What a fun day with my son!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

GS Haloween Party

This week we had our first Halloween party for the Girl Scouts. We started the evening with Alexis leading the pledge of allegiance, then followed by carving pumpkins, and ended by decorating cupcakes!!! We all had so much fun!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


A few months back, I purchased a family four pack from Groupon for Funderland. So over the weekend the family packed up and headed to Funderland for the day!! We all had such a wonderful time and we will be going back very soon!! Here are a few pictures from our trip!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Daisys - Troop 1710

My wonderful girlfriend and I decided to start up a new Girl Scout troop for our daughters. We have been working long hours to get Troop 1710 off the ground and we finally did. Last week we had our first meeting and it went well!! The girls had so much fun, that many were asking, "when will we be doing this again?" That put a smile on both are faces!! Here are a few pictures of Troop 1710!!

Lexi's Walk-a-thon a school

Lexi had her first "walk-a-thon" at school. Each child had to raise money by every lap they walked. The monies went to help with supplies, field trips, and a pizza party at the end of the year. She had a blast and is loving kindergarten!!