Thursday, July 30, 2009

11 years and 2 kids later....

We have been together for eleven years, seven of those years married, and three of those years with we decided to renew our vows to each other. We kept it very simple and under the radar. Just our kids, the beach and a few key friends to help with the ceremony and pictures. Maybe next time we'll head to the snow!! After the ceremony we packed our bags for our first of many things; first cruise, first visit to Mexico and our first trip without the kids. It was a much needed mini honeymoon/vacation for us!! It was nice to get away but it was even better to see our kid's faces when we walked through the door!!

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Cruise to Mexico

Sunday, July 5, 2009

An All American Weekend

This year Karen and Eric came up from Fresno to spend the 4Th with us. On Friday we went boating on the river. Karen's cousin Melissa joined us, where she impressed us with her tricks on the water!! Once again Lexi wanted to wake board with her Daddy. Check out the video!! Auntie Potts was able to get up on the wake board and stay up for awhile. And like normal Gavin passed out in my arms. I think that's his favorite spot on the boat!!
Then on the 4Th, we went to the Roseville Fair Grounds where there were car races going on. Gavin and Lexi did really well. Once the Fireworks started they were happy. Gavin was memorized by the colors in the sky, and Lexi loved the loud noise!! Thanks Auntie Potts and Uncle E for traveling to come spend the weekend with us!!!

Lexi boarding!!

Going Away Party for Kelly

One of our dear friends, Kelly from Play Group is moving to Texas. So we rounded up a group of us to give her a farewell party at Tres Agaves in the Fountains. We made her a scrapbook from everyone in the group. She will be able to cherish it for years to come. Best of luck to Kelly and her family as they start the next chapter of their lives in Texas. You will be missed!!
While getting ready, Lexi wanted me to do her hair like mine and do her make-up.
So what do you think?

Everyone loves Annie! Thanks so much for driving Kerrie and I!!

Girls Night Out

On Thursday Lexi and I went to go get our toes done with all the other ladies from Playgroup. It was so much fun to have an evening with just Lexi. She was so still while the lady painted her hands and her feet. Lexi loved the color so much she wanted me to have the same color toes!! Thankfully it was a cute color!! Afterwards Arianna came and joined Lexi on her chair and they sat so still while their nails were drying!! We cannot wait for the next girls night out!!

The Girls were getting flowers on their hands!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Swim Lessons at the Roseville Aquatic Center

This year both kids had swim lessons at the same time. Lexi was a Frog and Gavin was a Guppi!! Lexi was on her own and she loved her instructor Cat. Cat taught her how to scoop and kick the water!! She did a great job! Gavin on the other hand just wanted to chill. He is the type who wants to sit in a raff with a bottle! Hehehehe!