Monday, September 27, 2010

Chips for Kids Photo Shoot

Alexis was asked to be in the Chips for Kids commercial and poster for this years Holiday season. It was hard to find a Christmas dress in September but I was lucky and only one store had them, yes you read it store had Christmas dresses already!! Thank the good Lord above we were able to get our hands on one before the photo shoot.
Lexi was very excited to get all dressed up and I let her wear a little bit of blush and lip gloss. She had a blast on her first photo shoot!! We cannot wait to see the commercial and get our own poster!! They both should be out in November so keep a look out!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gavin's 2nd Birthday Party

Okay it only took me over a week to upload all of Gavin's birthday party pictures. We first started off at Wacky Tacky and had all of Gavin's friends there to play in their PJ's and eat donuts. It really was a great time. After we were done we went home and had a family party at our house. It was a perfect day with friends, family, lots of yummy food and cake!! Gavin had a wonderful time seeing everyone and more important he had a blast opening up all his presents! Thank you everyone who helped us celebrate Gavin's 2ND birthday!! We love you Tank!! Happy 2ND Birthday!!