Saturday, May 1, 2010

Vegas Baby

Two weeks ago Chris and I took a trip to Las Vegas without the kids for the Baker to Vegas run. We stayed at the new Vdara Spa and Hotel which was to die for. It was our little home away from home!! We spent the majority of our stay relaxing by the pool and shopping, two things we both miss the most. With two kids is just a little more challenging to do both of these things!!
The Sacramento CHP team did an amazing job in the race, they came in 2nd place out of 250 plus teams. They all are wonderful men who should be proud, but from what I understand they are going to win next year. Well, I will be there at the finish line with bells on!!

We took a picture infront of Pawn Star, the TV show.

2010 Sacramento CHP Running Team

5am at the finish line

So proud of you baby!! You did an amazing job!!

The BEST hot dog place in the WORLD!! Thanks Kelli!!

Here are a few pictures of our amazing room at Vdara!!

Check out this strange building....I just had to take a picture of it!!

Our Whirlwind Trip

Last week while Chris was visiting his Dad in Arkansas, the kids and I took a road trip to Visalia and Fresno. We first stopped in Visalia and spent a few days at Ben and Katie's home. It was pretty crazy since we did have 4 kids all under the age of 4 running around like wild monkeys. Here is the only picture I took of them,and look they were actually calm.
The next stop was in Fresno to visit Karen and Eric. The kids had a great time tearing up their home and playing with their dogs Brody and Zoe. I am not sure who was more excited; the kids or the dogs?? Karen and I took the kids to the Fresno Zoo, which was a decent trip since all the animals were taking their naps. Either way the kids loved seeing all the different animals.
Lexi even got to feed a giraffe!! Cool huh?
The next stop was the Clovis Parade. Karen's Papa was in the parade with all of the Model A vehicle and he asked us if we wanted to join him in the parade. The kids were so excited to sit in his vehicle and wave to all the people on the side lines. Lexi really did get the "Princess Wave" down pat!!

Easter at Cheryl and Tom's house

Okay so I know I am way behind in updating our here it goes. Here are pictures from Easter at Cheryl and Tom's house. The kids had a blast looking for all the eggs spread out all over their park-like backyard. Each of them looked so amazing in their Easter outfits!! Cute as a button they all were!! Happy Easter everyone!!



Look how adorable these kids look!!
Kaylann 5 months old!

How sweet am I?